Rabbi Nachum Scheiner

Rosh Kollel/Rabbinic Coordinator, Rabbi Nachum Scheiner

Rabbi Scheiner, a dynamic and popular Rosh Kollel, has been leading the Ohr Chaim community on a journey of exponential growth since 2013. He’s a strong believer in working with the community to fill its needs, and anyone who steps inside can attest to the warmth and sense of belonging that permeates the environment.

Rabbi Scheiner’s unique blend of charisma, approachability, and strong organizational skills have helped create a center of davening and learning. It currently hosts 85 minyanim daily and offers a diverse range of learning opportunities, including 8 daily Daf Yomi shiurim designed to cater to a huge range of participants. Rabbi Scheiner himself gives many of the shiurim and leads the morning and night kollelim, and he personally assigns chavrusos according to need, level, and learning background. It’s all about the needs of the individual, and that approach influences the style and range of shiurim too.

Other successful programs include a hugely popular Yeshivas Bein Hazmanim for all ages, Yarchei Kallah, and a Friday kollel throughout the weeks of Shovavim.

An alumnus of Rav Elya Chaim Swerdloff’s Yeshiva Gedolah (Paterson, NJ); and Brisk Yeshivah under Rav Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik; Yeshivah Yagdil Torah, and Kollel Dvar Torah, Rabbi Scheiner began giving chaburahs and garnering respect of talmidim early on. He combines a passion for learning and teaching Torah with active involvement in the practical needs of the community. To this end, he has taken several Rabbinic training and leadership courses, enabling further development and growth. His most fervent dream? To continue to expand Ohr Chaim as a community-wide learning center where people of every stream of Yiddishkeit can find services suited to their needs, from round-the-clock shiurim on all levels, to seasonal services and diverse Yom Tov programs – and where everyone who enters feels that they truly belong.