• Coffee, Refreshments & Soup

    With a complete coffee station, Shul participants can enjoy coffee, cookies, fruit, water bottles, and candy whenever they walk through the doors of our Shul. Additionally, hot farina, and fresh soup are prepared daily for those who come to daven and learn, as well as hot cholent on Thursday night. It is our privilege to provide food and drinks for those who join us in the Shul.



  • Mikvah

    Located inside of the Shul, our clean and modern men’s Mikvah is open to the community 24 hours a day. To accommodate all who come to use it, there are options of paying separately each time or with a monthly membership plan, with special rates for the Kollel and Bochurim. We are happy to provide our Mikvah for the usage of the Klal throughout the week at any time.

  • Mikvah opening Hours

    Open daily from 6:00am – 1 :00pm


Keilim Mikvah

  • Keilim Mikvah

    For the convenience of the community at large, we have an outdoor covered Keilim Mikvah located on the Shul premises. Open 24 hours a day, with the ability to drive right up to it, it provides a convenient service for the community and is open to everyone free of charge. It is the only Keilim Mikvah in the northern part of Monsey. We invite you to come fulfill the Mitzvah of Tevillas Keilim at our Mikvah.