Rabbi Daniel Coren

Associate Rabbi / Maggid Shiur, Rabbi Daniel Coren

Rabbi Coren brings his own brand of warmth, passion, and energy to the Ohr Chaim community. His strong and diverse background in the kollel and kiruv worlds give him a unique ability to understand and connect with people of all streams of Judaism, relating to one and all with characteristic gentleness and humility.

Rabbi Coren received semichah from Rabbi Betzalel Rudinsky of Yeshivas Ohr Reuven (Monsey). He is also an alumnus of Yeshivas Chaim Berlin & Yeshivas Mikdash Melech. His years in kollel were followed by a long period of working in kiruv, under the world-renowned Rav Noach Weinberg A’H of Aish. Rabbi Coren’s involvement in kiruv continues to this day, through setting up countless chavrusahs for secular Jews interested in learning more about their heritage.

In addition, Rabbi Coren’s daily Whatsapp clips and Torah Anytime videos inspire an audience worldwide, and his shiurim are popular both within the Ohr Chaim community and further afield.

Rabbi Coren’s strength lies in his dedication to the individual: overcoming any obstacle to reach a Jewish soul, ignite a spark, and create eternal impact.