Zera Shimshon


Zera Shimshon – Rabbi Shimshon Chaim ben Rabbi Nachman Michal Nachmani, was a Rabbi of four large communities throughout Italy and in his end of life in the city Reggio Emilia. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim passed away in the year 1779 in the city of Reggio, Italy. During his funeral, there were many words of praise, not just in his erudition of Torah, but on his love for the Jewish people. The communities in Italy and abroad considered Rabbi Shimshon Chaim their Rebbi.

Major Rabbis in his generation wrote amazing things in his honor and wisdom. Including One of the outstanding rabbis figures the Chida (Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai ben Rabbi Rephael Yitzhak Zerachia) had testified on Rabbi Shimshon Chaim praise in Kedusha and wisdom and also knowledge in studying Kabala. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim lived in the era of the  Or haChaim Hakadosh (Rabbi Chaim ben Atar ben Rabbi Moshe) and was friends with him.

Rabbi Shimshon Chaim had only one child, a son, who died at a young age. Upon this Rabbi Shimshon Chaim decided to dedicate his Sefarim to the memory of this child who had no continuity of a family. At the beginning of his book, Rabbi Shimshon Chaim wrote that he needs to leave some memory in this world because he has no continuity. And that’s why he wrote the book and named it “Zera Shimshon”, which means the Seed of Shimshon. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim published the book one year before he died.

Rabbi Shimshon Chaim placed a lot of his energy, during his lifetime that people should learn from his Sefarim. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim also emphasized, that after his Neshama will leave this world, people should continue to learn from his Sefarim. He made a promise, that anyone that takes upon himself to learn from his writing, will be blessed with children, praise, health, parnasa, wealth, honor.