Late Maariv Motzei Shabbos

January 2021 Late Maariv Motzai Shabbos After Avos Uvanim/ Kol Haneorim Approximately 7:30 pm

Vayichol with Mincha

Thursday Shovavim Weeks קריאת ויחל  with מנחה Time: 4:30 Location: 20 Upstairs For more information about this Minyan, reach out to R' Asher Benedict at 845.659.3982


שובבי"ם Shovavim Parshas Shemos, Vaeira, Bo, Beshalach, Yisro, Mishpatim

Yom Kippur Katan

יום כיפור קטן יום ד' פרשת וארא Yom Kippur Katan Wednesday, January 13th 1:30 pm 20 Tent 3:00 pm 20 Tent 4:10 pm 20 Tent ( 40 min before shkia)  

Thursday Night Chabura

20 upstairs 18 forshay rd, monsey, NY, United States

Enjoy a Lively discussion of relevant Torah Topics In a warm informal atmosphere Hot food and beverages will be served This weeks guest speaker is Rabbi Betzalel Alpert See Flyer